Pete Arnold workshop at Broadland Ukulele meeting…24 Sept 2018

Pete Arnold will be running a workshop for us. Pete is a founder member of Ukaholics Anonymous, in Diss and teaches Ukulele, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and Bass at The Hub – Diss Music School.

This workshop is for people who know basic ukulele chords (eg. C F G7) and would like to further their understanding and ability to play Blues on a ukulele. Blues is the foundation of Rock and Roll, Rock, Jazz and other popular music forms. It follows a repeated 12 Bar structure, which makes it easy for jamming along with friends.

Petes normal format looks at:-

  • Playing chords over the 12 Bar Blues pattern
  • Using chord variations, including Barre Chords to accompany Blues songs
  • Rhythm and strumming patterns, including the Boogie Woogie Shuffle
  • Simple riffs and solos, using the Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Putting it all together to play a Blues song together